When you start out as a coach, consultant, or indeed in any business, you dream of the day when you are “fully booked.” That looks different for everyone whether they are part-time, full time or working around another job or a family but hopefully, at some point, you will look at your business and think “I’m full!”

Before you reach that milestone the signs will be there – you’ll start to struggle to find availability for clients, some things may “fall by the wayside” i.e. social media…networking…here are some options when you reach that point:

1 – Group Coaching

Of course, the first thing people think of as a natural follow on from 1-2-1 services is Group Coaching – however, it’s a totally different kettle of fish to 1-2-1! Group Coaching requires not only balancing a group of different personalities together but also ensuring they all have equal time and attention. The beauty of group coaching is ensuring that every person also benefits or “gets something” from hearing about others’ experiences as well – your marketing and niche for the group programme need to ensure you are attracting the right people to make that possible. A group programme is definitely not an easy option but as part of a longer-term strategy in your business can work excellently for coaches.

2 – Memberships

Memberships have become increasingly popular over the past few years during Covid, providing connection and resources at a lower price point. However memberships require a lot of time and dedication – not only are you required to produce regular content but you’ve also got to engage consistently in your membership group to ensure they stay with you. Do you have enough ideas to keep a membership going? Is your network large enough to support guest sessions initially before there is a big audience to attract paid guests? What price point can you pitch your membership at to ensure it’s valuable but not too pricey?

3 – High Ticket Coaching

We’ve all seen Masterminds and “just one space available this year” from “big” coaches. This coaching, and indeed all good coaching, is priced on the results and outcome that an individual will get. To charge big prices your knowledge, expertise and experience must be there to avoid a very let down client. To offer High Ticket Coaching you’ve generally got to have experienced it too. Sticking a higher price on your regular coaching is not ethical – what are you offering your client to justify your higher level offering? What are the results you hope they can achieve? What expertise, experience and training are you bringing to the table?

4 – Outsourcing

If you are spending X number of hours writing blogs, social media posts and more that’s X number of hours you could be spending on delivery. Consider outsourcing by:

  • Hiring a Virtual Assistant
  • If your time is spent on managing your team and delegating consider an OBM
  • Hate blogging but know it’s good for SEO? What about a good copywriter?

5 – Products

If you coach to a particular niche offering a course or smaller item like an Ebook could be an option. Remember to be building a solid and engaged audience before you finish your course or digital offering (another blog on this later)!

6 – Affiliate Income

Affiliate income (where you sell other people’s courses / offerings) through a link and you receive a kickback has also taken off over the past few years. The key thing is only recommending and promoting something you feel matches your audience well and you believe in. There is nothing worse than seeing someone promote a product which is clearly just for-profit and not because they believe the offering will help their audience.

These are just a few quick ideas on growing when at capacity but hopefully mean you can see that there is no revenue ceiling just because your 1-2-1 hours are taken. If you’re keen to start outsourcing don’t forget to download my guide here and take that first step.

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