Frequently Asked Questions

I can do my own admin - why would I need a VA?

I hear you!  The benefits of a VA are to take away jobs you either can’t do, don’t want to do or don’t have time to do. You may well be able to do all of the tasks you outsource to me but the benefit you are getting is that volume of time free for other things (& in many cases I should be able to complete the work more quickly!) What you do with that time is of course your choice. Either profit making tasks or more leisure time.


What is your rate per hour?

My rate is £30 per hour.

We can work ad-hoc or you can secure a number of hours in my diary for the month ahead if you prefer. I suggest securing at least a small amount of hours to ensure I can prioritise your work.

Why is a Virtual Assistant hourly rate higher than I would pay an employee?

VA rates vary between £25 – 40 normally. It’s always a pressing question when first looking at hiring a VA as to why the cost is more than an administrative employee. There are a couple of reasons that our rate is higher than an inhouse administrator:-

*I pay my own National Insurance, Pension contributions & Tax;

*You provide no equipment i.e. computer, printer etc;

*I am a professional & do not require a period of training or onboarding;

*You are solely paying for time worked not breaks. Did you know the average employee is productive for just under 3 hours of their working day –  with a VA you are paying for productivity;

*You do not pay for my holiday time – the average employee would have 4 weeks plus bank holidays;

*You do not have statutory legal requirements or health & safety legislation to follow due to my self employment.


How do I know how your time has been spent?

I use time tracking software (Clockify) to track my work & provide you with a breakdown.

How do I start working with you?

Firstly I suggest a short call – book here. This is free and helps us see if I can help you. Have some questions first? No problem email me here. From there I will send over a contract and more information about how I can support you. Once signed I’ll send you a welcome email and we would have a kick-off call, share passwords/access and take it from there.

Retainers are for clients wanting a specific number of hours allocated to them each month. Pay as you go is exactly that  – ideal for small jobs or projects or “no commitment” i.e. you aren’t sure about this yet! Retainers are paid in advance, ad hoc work is billed monthly and invoices are payable within 5 days.

Where are you based?

The great thing about hiring virtual support is – it doesn’t matter! However, I am currently based in beautiful Winchester, Hampshire. 


What hours do you work?

Generally, office hours.


I need help but don't know where to start?

Honestly – most people struggle with this. I suggest working for a week or two & note down anything you do that has the potential to be completed by someone else. Don’t dismiss a task as it could take a little training. That small amount of initial time outlay may reap hours of saved time longer term. You can read more on my blog about hiring a VA or download my 99 Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant here.

What are the benefits of choosing me as your VA?

I have three core values I work to:

High Standards – I am detail orientated, I notice the little things because they are often actually The Big Things.

Kindness – A genuine desire to help and care for your business – your success is always my goal.

Hard-working – Efficient, effective and very reliable. 

I am also familiar dealing with confidential data and I am happy to sign your NDA as required. I have and continue to work with clients who have either celebrity or “VIP” connections and understand the importance of discretion.

This may be the first time you have taken on help outside your business before. It’s nerve-wracking. Unlike an employee, I understand the trials & tribulations you are going through as a business owner. Wave goodbye to last-minute sick days & missed deadlines & hello to organisation & proactive company that cares. You can view my Client Charter here.

It’s important to focus on all the positives less overwhelm can bring & how much more value you can get from your freed up time.


Terms & Conditions

Client Charter and Terms of Business

The Short Version –

The minimum Charge for work is 1 hour at my rate of £30.

If we are new to working with each other I will require a deposit initially. Payments are via Bank Transfer.

For retainer work, this is billed on the 25th for the following month and due within 5 days before I start next month’s work.

Retainer Hours do not carry over unless by prior agreement.

Postage, courier or telephone charges are additional.




Do you only work with certain businesses?

No, however I have found myself working with coaches and consultants predominantly. Other industries I’ve been lucky enough to work with include an Elite Athlete Management Agency, leading Wellness Influencer & Insurance firm CEO.

VA skills are naturally applicable across industries. I work best with those who are:

Looking long term

You want a partnership with your VA, someone who’s invested in the same goals. Supporter, cheerleader, right-hand man, wing woman – however you put it you want to know your business is a priority for your assistant not just “another client.”

Invest for results

Happy to spend time upfront to ensure I’m empowered and equipped to help. This time invested at the beginning gives me a full understanding of your business enabling me to support you to the best of my ability.

Focused & passionate

Importantly you don’t need to be aiming for the Fortune 500. However, it’s great if you are! Purpose & clarity on your direction (even if the steps are not mapped or you need support to get there) really helps the working relationship because if you don’t know where you want to be I won’t know either.

Argh! My PA/VAs taking a holiday - can you help?

Yes – I’ve covered (virtually) for a number of VAs during their holiday or maternity leave. A good handover period & systems/procedures in place can make this seamless ensuring they step right back in on their return. If your business is simply too busy to manage with an “Out of Office” message on your PAs inbox this temporary cover can avoid lost leads & admin chaos whilst your PA takes a break. 

Virtual Assistant Business Values
Virtual Assistant Business Values


Ellie has been a total game changer not just for my business but also for my life! She's helped to set up and grow my business with her brilliant, swift and seamless approach to all the nitty gritty tasks, admin and automation. Her great ideas and suggestions come from deep knowledge and understanding of the marketplace and how to make digital processes work. She explains the techy stuff in a way that I can understand it! I'm able to delegate so much to her capable hands. My diary is the most planned I've ever seen it - I even have breaks build in! I now have space for thinking and growth. My stress levels are significantly reduced by her proactive approach. She's always kind, fun and understanding - a real joy to work with.

Beth Stallwood

Executive Coach & Facilitator , CreateWorkJoy

Getting Ellie on board to be our assistant at Cornelia Lucey Positive Leadership has been a huge help for the organisation and for our clients. She is super focused, diligent, detail orientated and relationship-centric. She has been a real privilege to work with, and has made my life as a company director much more manageable and in balance so that I can even more effectively practice what I preach when it comes to wellbeing and positive leadership behaviours. Looking forward to a long term relationship with Ellie.

Cornelia Lucey

Leadership & Coaching Psychologist, Consultant (Wellbeing, Resilience, and Positive Leadership), Cornelia Lucey Positive Leadership

Ellie's expertise has made a tremendous difference in my day-to-day working life. Her role in supporting my psychology practice has grown over the months we've been working together, as I noticed more tasks that could be appropriately handed over, for example, trouble-shooting with software providers. We are now in pretty much daily contact and she enables me to focus on my working day with much less distraction. I feel less frazzled as a result! She is highly reliable and manages to be professional whilst friendly, so her direct contact with clients has been positive. I very much enjoy working with her and long may it continue!

Kerry Smith

Clinical Director, Psychological Perspective

I had the opportunity to work with Ellie and was impressed with her professionalism, work ethic and the business expertise that she brought to the project. Ellie is by far one of the most intelligent and detailed professionals that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. More importantly, Ellie is able to apply her talents to any task she is presented with. I would eagerly work with Ellie again and would highly recommend Ellie to anyone. She is an indispensable asset to any business endeavor.

Jason Rosen

Consultant, Coach, Trainer & Speaker

Working with Ellie is a dream, she works really well with my clients and has been super helpful - nothing is ever too much trouble. Thank you Ellie

Charlotte O

Online Business Manager & Agency Owner

Ellie was industrious, flexible & consistently met deadlines – plus she showed the right balance of tact & assertiveness to make others do the same. She also acted with the utmost discretion when dealing with sensitive (often political) information.


Manager , City Council (Employed Role)

Have a small job to offload? Not sure what you require – no problem.

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